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Companion Pups

Raising Champion Line Labradoodles and AKC Pugs & English Labrador Retrievers with Love and Care.

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AKC Inspected & Approved!
AKC CHAMPION LINE English Style LABS, Labradoodles &

Why Do We Breed?
Our favorite Movie Quote Says it All!:

A Dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. 

A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb.

Give him your heart and he'll give you his.

How many people can you say that about?

How many people can make you feel rare, and pure, and special?

How many people can make you feel extraordinary?


We breed for - confirmation, health, and personality



                                                  Latest News - 01/19/2018

We will be building a new website soon!!!
Unfortunately our host will no longer be hosting sites and we will be working to get a new website up and running before this one goes away! Please bare with us until a new site is up!
our Domain
will remain the same!

2 Black Female Pug  Puppies Available!

Always Accepting Puppy Applications for Upcoming & Current Litters

Notify list - Free and contacted after waiting list if puppies are still available.

Waiting List - Deposits Accepted on Upcoming Litters!

$200 ensures you get one of our exceptional puppies when they are available!




Do NOT trust any AD/website that says they have staff or agent will call you. That's not a home breeder who cares for their puppy that is a puppy mill or scammer!!!! Run!!! Places that offer deals and coupons on puppies and shipping for prices to good to be true or trying to get you to buy multiples is also a huge red flag!!! Run!!!

worse some are even trying to use our Name!
They are not afraid to email or call you pretending to be us.


*Do Not respond directly to ADs as they could be fake!  Please only use our website to contact us and we will respond back using the email above!

*Anyone else is a scammer using our good name and quality puppies to hurt the public!

* Please be careful of scammers stealing our puppy pictures! We will send you pup picture with your name and that days date on it upon request so you can see the puppy is actually here!  You should request this of anyone you consider getting a puppy from!



Pugs we breed for Black, Fawn, and Apricot

Poodles we will have a variety of colors!
-Silver, Cream, Apricot, Black, Silver Beige....

Labradors we breed for Black, Yellow, and Red Fox.

Labradoodles - Colors vary based on parents

Our puppies have excellent lines and are the most amazing pups!

Puppy Goody Bag:
- Available for pickups in person only
-Puppies that fly only come with a small baggie of food for the trip, AKC Reg Papers, Pedigree,
- Is a courtesy not guaranteed and is not a reflection of puppy price

1.  Registration Papers - AKC unless otherwise stated or Labradoodle which do not have papers for pups.
2.  Sample of current Dog Food (please buy a bag and have it ready for when puppy goes home)
3.  Several Dog Chews (usually an Ear, Hoof or Snout , and/or Compressed Bones)
4.  Several Toys (usually a Rope, Ball, and Stuffed Toy)
5.  Little Blanket with Mom's Scent
6.  Collar (maybe currently being worn by your puppy or put in starter pack to be put on later)
7.  Vaccinations Record (Combo Vax: Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza,  
     and Parvo) (puppies receive a single neo par parvo vax when they are 5/6 wks old and then at 7/8 wks they are given 
     their combo vax)
8.  Folder with Records and Various Info in a Reusable Fabric Bag
9.  Food Measure Cup
10. Canned Food Cover
11. Training tips, Behavior tips, and How to Read Dog Food Info Emailed upon request to you for reading
     and optional print out. (if you would like them please just let us know!  It's a compilation of our most
     asked questions answered)

* We start the pee pad training process. Some dogs catch on quicker then others.
* Parents are family pets that live inside the home and treated as such!
* Puppies are family raised.
* We will be clipping their nails and start grooming to try and get them used to it. Pugs especially hate having there nails done
! It's easier when you start young and keep it up!  Poodles started early with grooming will be more comfortable quicker with it.
* When a deposit is put down you can name the pup and we'll start the name recognition process for you.
  Some catch on quicker then others with this as they are in a litter setting. Sometimes they aren't sure
  who's name is who lol but we do try to get them used to their name.
* We will send you updates pictures and/or videos approx every 2 weeks as your pup grows and
  encounters the world around him/her. We love watching the pups grow and want you to be a part of that!
* Lifetime of support. We're here to give our thoughts on any subject you may need help with along the

Should you ever not be able to care for your puppy or dog you adopted from us in the future please contact us via email. We are always willing to help you place them in a new home by listing them and your contact info on our website.
Thank you for your interest!
*Deposits and Adoption Fees at Pickup*
The required deposit to hold the pup of your choice is half the adoption fee. Deposits are non refundable so please ensure you are able to have a pup, and all your ducks, or pups in this case, are in a row. This is to help ensure the pup has a home and does not miss out on other potential adopters if you are not serious or change your mind for any reason or circumstance.
Deposits are accepted via U.S Postal Money Order or Cashier's Bank Check sent via Over Night Mail. Please note your pup will not be considered on deposit until your payment clears. You will receive deposit receipt attached to an email as soon as your payment has been confirmed by our bank.
**** We will not hold a puppy with out deposit****
Again, this goes toward serious intent and follow thru. Thank You for your understanding.






The remaining adoption fee is due in cash at pickup.  Please note, CASH ONLY and exact change pleaseMoney orders and Checks of ANY KIND will NOT be accepted at pickup for any reason.  Pickup can be scheduled to be in Whitwell TN or one of these a nearby towns - Jasper, Kimball, or Dunlap with no travel fees!  We can sometimes meet in other towns as well it depends on different factors.  If you need pickup in a different town please let us know before placing deposit so we can let you know if it's something we can do or not.  Please note there maybe a travel fee to meet in other towns.  We can meet at the Chattanooga Airport for a $50 charge for our travel.






If you need help getting your puppy to you please let us know and we will see what we can do.  Transport fees will apply and must be paid up front 2 weeks before ready date.  We cannot often transport due to our scheduled so please ask before placing deposit if needed!  We can meet you at Chattanooga Airport if you would like to fly in to pick up your puppy.  Their is a $50 charge to meet at the airport to cover our travel.


Waiting List

 If you are sure you want a beautiful silly healthy high quality little puppy from us you'll want to get on the waiting list!  Once you are approved for a puppy  (via filling out puppy application under contact us page) we require a nonrefundable deposit of $200 to hold your spot on the list (Cashiers Bank Checks only or Paypal adds 4%).  If when a litter is born if we do not have what you want then your name will be bumped to the next litter. The balance of the deposit which is half the puppy price is due upon having a puppy born and available and holding a puppy from that litter for you. The remaining half of puppy price is due in cash when the pup is picked up or if we are transporting the pup then the remainder plus travel fees is due 2 weeks before ready date.


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